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Running a modern security program is challenging. It requires both a breadth
of expertise and a depth of knowledge. It’s rare for a team to have both.
Whether it’s a knowledge or bandwidth gaps, TalPoint helps you get the right

  • Best independent experts across all areas of cyber and information security
  • Up to 60% less expensive than traditional consulting firms
  • Right-sized resources to fit any need or budget


Our experts have deep knowledge to help you build up your technical security. Whether you’re running a POC or implementing a new tool, looking for vulnerability management or general security engineering, TalPoint has you covered.

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Our experts cover nearly 200 individual frameworks. From the big 5 to industry specific frameworks, we can help you manage your compliance process from beginning through 3rd party auditing and everything in between. 

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Managing risk both internally and externally can be a big task. Our experts know what to look for in either situation to help you reduce the likelihood of an event happening and the severity if it does occur.  

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Navigating the regulatory environment around privacy can be difficult. Our experts can help you with data classification and data inventory projects, policy implementation, and overall compliance based on where you do business and the regulations you’re beholden to. 

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Our Vetting Process

We’ve mastered the screening and vetting process. We conduct thorough due diligence, multiple phone interviews, and check references before we admit new experts into our network.

Our experts have an average of 17 years of experience, from working for startups and global enterprises to high-caliber consulting firms. Our network includes generalists and specialists across all security, privacy, risk and compliance topic areas. We have a comprehensive community skilled to meet the full spectrum of your business’s needs.

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