Solution Description

TalPoint offers Technology Assessment services for organizations providing a comprehensive review of all existing technologies used within the organization’s technology stack to determine compliance, security, opportunities for improvement, and when applicable, recommend the implementation of new solutions. 

Reviews are performed against manufacturer and industry best practices, and in consideration of compliance with all applicable frameworks.

Who Can Use This?

Managing technology solutions is often a daunting task for any organization. Many organizations struggle to document and monitor the compliance and security of their technologies, or fully implement and maximize the use of their tools. TalPoint Experts can assess all solutions to ensure implementation of best practices and compliance with applicable framework and regulatory requirements. Our Technology Assessment package will also identify all obsolete solutions and provide recommendations of viable replacements. 

What’s Included

  • Review of current technology solutions for the following:
    • Best-practice configurations
    • Integration opportunities
    • Framework and regulatory compliance
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Creation of remediation plans
  • Identification of obsolete technology and recommendation of viable replacements

Solution Delivery

Services are delivered remotely by an experienced TalPoint Expert. On-site services can be delivered at an additional cost to accommodate necessary travel and expenses.

Pricing Model

Services are delivered at a Fixed-Price model and based on defined outcomes. Exact pricing is dependent upon the specific number of solutions being assessed and the scope of the assessment.