What is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional?

A Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, CCEP, is someone with expertise and knowledge of regulations and compliance processes. A CCEP can help organizations address legal obligations and manage a robust compliance program.

Why is the CCEP important?

A CCEP can help organizations become more confident and advanced in their compliance management programs. A CCEP is a verified practitioner with proven domain expertise in compliance from development to implementation and maintenance.

Who needs a CCEP?

A CCEP certification is helpful for professionals who want to demonstrate their competence in corporate compliance across all sectors. 

How to become a CCEP

A person must meet a minimum amount of professional experience and apply to take the CCEP exam. Once approved by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB), the exam consists of 115 questions and must be completed within an allotted two-hour time period.

Who is the certifying association

The Compliance Certification Board (CCB) manages the CCEP certification program, established in 1999. 

Requirements to stay certified

A CCEP must renew their certification every two years. For a certificate to remain valid, the person must earn and submit 40 Continuing Education Units within the renewal/extension period.