What is a CDPSE?

A Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) is an expert in building and implementing comprehensive privacy solutions. A CDPSE is highly competent across privacy governance, architecture, and the data lifecycle. 

Why is a CDPSE important?

A CDPSE certification demonstrates an advanced level of knowledge that can help organizations build and implement privacy solutions at the enterprise level. 

A CDPSE certification enhances trust and confidence for organizations managing the ever-changing privacy landscape. CDPSE provides employers the assurance needed to select qualified and experienced IT professionals.

Who needs a CDPSE certification?

The CDPSE certification is applicable for IT professionals with roles that involve implementing technical privacy solutions and data science. 

A CDPSE certification is valid for enterprises across all industries and shared across the following roles: 

  • Domain Architect in Compliance and Privacy
  • IT Project Manager
  • Privacy Solutions Architect
  • Privacy Analyst and Engineer 

How to become a CDPSE

To qualify to sit for the exam, you must have a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience in assessing and implementing technology privacy solutions. 

The exam covers three primary domain areas: Privacy Governance, Privacy Architecture, and Data Lifecycle. The exam is focused on implementing technical privacy solutions and covers common privacy failures faced by enterprise organizations globally. 

Who is the certifying association

The CSPSE certification is offered through ISACA, a professional global community association for business technology professionals.

Requirements to stay certified

The CDPSE requires a minimum of continuing professional education (CPE) hours over an annual and three-year certification period. 

Maintaining your CDPSE involves compliance with the CDPSE CPE policy of earning a minimum of 20 CPEs annually and a total of 120 CPEs over the three years.