Solution Description

TalPoint’s Risk Management Program package offers organizations with trusted and hands-on guidance and implementation of a risk management program tailored to the specific activities of the organization. The package incorporates best practices from relevant frameworks like ISO 31000 and NIST 800-39 and is designed to mature over time to meet an organization’s evolving needs.

Who Can Use This?

Risk Management is a critical component of any security and compliance program. It benefits any organization that strives to institutionalize the management of risk to scale. Additionally, many frameworks require the implementation of a risk management program to ensure compliance. While there are common risks that apply across many organizations, most risks are unique and affect organizations differently. A comprehensive and ongoing risk management program helps ensure that an organization is prepared to identify and address risks proactively. 

What’s Included

  • Creation of a risk register tailored to the organization
  • Completion of an initial assessment of identified risks
  • Selection/creation of a risk scoring methodology
  • Documentation of relevant policies and procedures to support the Risk Management Program
  • Identification of risk treatment plans

Additional add-on services include:

  • Ongoing management of risks and treatment plans

Solution Delivery

Services are delivered remotely by an experienced TalPoint expert. On-site services can be delivered at an additional cost to accommodate necessary travel and expenses.

Pricing Model

Services are delivered at a Fixed-Price model and based on defined outcomes. Exact pricing is dependent upon the scope of the environment being assessed.