What is a Fellow of Information Privacy?

A Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) is a credential that recognizes a person’s advanced knowledge in data privacy. The FIP has demonstrated expertise in privacy laws, privacy program management and essential data protection practices. 

Why is FIP Certification Important?

The FIP designation demonstrates a person’s professional commitment and expertise in privacy and data protection. It is only available to those who have met certain levels of achievement and work experience in the field. 

Who Needs FIP Certification?

Professionals working in privacy and data protection will seek this designation as a recognition for their expertise in the field. The FIP is a well-regarded title amongst privacy professionals. 

How to Get FIP Certified

Unlike many other certifications in cybersecurity, the FIP does not consist of an exam. In order to gain the FIP designation, the candidate must already possess a valid CIPP credential and either a CIPM or CIPT designation. 

In addition, they must have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience in data privacy, provide three professional references, and a written statement expressing why they believe they are qualified to be a FIP.

The FIP Certifying Association

The FIP credential is offered through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The IAPP is a global association for professionals managing information privacy, data protection, and risks associated with the data economy.

Requirements to Stay Certified

The FIP does not have recertification requirements in order to remain active. However, the FIP will have to maintain their CIPP and CIPM or CIPT credentials, which have annual CPE requirements.