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Published: October 1, 2023

Strengthening Global Risk Management: A Comprehensive Compliance Program for a Publicly Traded Conglomerate

By Annie case studies

Introduction: TalPoint’s client is a reputable publicly traded entity with approximately 15 diversified business units, employing a workforce of 45,000. Operating on a global scale presents intricate risk management challenges. The lack of a unified compliance framework across all units hindered the conglomerate’s ability to mitigate risks effectively and ensure a consistent approach to security, risk, and compliance.

The Problem: The absence of a common set of controls for global risk management led to inconsistent compliance practices among the business units. This inconsistency posed a significant risk, created operational inefficiencies, and made it difficult to evaluate risk at the enterprise level.

Engagement: To address this critical issue, the client engaged TalPoint, a firm known for its expertise in developing robust compliance programs. The objective was to create a comprehensive compliance framework that could be adopted across all business units to ensure a standardized approach to risk management and regulatory compliance.

Solution: TalPoint worked with the client team to meticulously understand the problem they were trying to solve and the outcome they wanted to deliver to the organization. In a brief period of time, they developed a tailored project to fit the clients’ exact needs.

Program Development:

  1. Creation of a holistic compliance program included incorporating best practices from various risk management frameworks.
  2. Training: Conducted training sessions for the staff at each of the business units across North America and EMEA to ensure a thorough understanding and adherence to the new compliance standards.
  3. Implementation: Assisted in the rollout of the program across all business units, ensuring smooth integration with existing processes.

Results: The new compliance program significantly matured the client’s global risk management capabilities.

  • Uniform Compliance Practices: The common set of controls worked to foster uniform compliance practices across all business units.
  • Improved Risk Mitigation: The ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risk markedly improved.
  • Annual Internal Audits: TalPoint experts conducted annual internal audits to ensure continuous adherence to the compliance program, providing insights for further refinement.

Conclusion: The collaboration between our client and TalPoint successfully elevated the conglomerate’s global risk management practices, demonstrating the imperative for a unified compliance framework in maintaining operational excellence and regulatory adherence in a complex multinational business environment.

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Charles M.


Charlies is a 14 year cyber security expert. He started his career in the U.S. armed forces and then transitioned into commercial roles. A security engineer by training, he's well-versed in tool deployment and administration.

Ellen K.

GRC Expert

Ellen bring a decade of GRC expertise to the TalPoint community. She's knowledgeable on a variety of frameworks and employs a methodical approach to compliance. She's available for needs assessments, gap assessments, internal audits, and for certain frameworks running independent 3rd party audits.

Zachary C.

Founder and CRO

Zachary bring a 20+ year career in risk management to the TalPoint community. He's worked across healthcare, finance, and supply chain manufacturing. His broad experience offers both a holistic view of risk as well as a common sense approach to risk management.