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Published: April 1, 2023

Securing Federal Engagement: SPRS Assessment Facilitation for a Quantum Computing Start-up

By Annie case studies

Introduction: In a domain where innovation is the linchpin of progress, our client, a next-generation quantum computing hardware company, was making progress with the Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers. By winning these contracts, the start-up was poised to contribute to the nation’s technological advancements. However, this new venture necessitated a stringent internal assessment and a submission to the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) as dictated by the contract requisites. The project also helped set the groundwork to be prepared for a CMMC assessment when the program went live.

Problem: In order to work within the Defense Industrial Base, both working directly with the Federal Government and indirectly through DoD suppliers, our client needed to evaluate their internal security and submit a self attestation via the SPRS. The SPRS assessment, a critical determinant of supplier reliability and performance, required a meticulous evaluation and a well-articulated submission to meet the government’s stringent standards.

Engagement: Given the importance of effectively completing the SPRS assessment, our client engaged us to help them with the relevant expertise to be able to evaluate their posture, prepare for the assessment, and run a self-assessment process. TalPoint experts were entrusted with the dual responsibility of supporting the internal assessment endeavors and guiding the SPRS scoring and submission process to align with the U.S. government’s requisites.


  • Internal Assessment
    • Conducted a comprehensive review of the start-up’s business operations, identifying areas of strengths and pinpointing avenues for improvement to meet federal standards.
    • Provided actionable insights and recommendations to enhance operational efficiency and compliance via an internal remediation process.
  • SPRS Scoring and Submission
    • Thoroughly evaluated the start-up’s performance metrics and other relevant parameters to accurately determine the SPRS scoring.
    • Expertly navigated the SPRS submission process, ensuring every aspect of the submission adhered to the U.S. government’s specifications.

Results: The results were exactly what were promised. TalPoint experts guided theclient through the process from beginning to end. The successful SPRS assessment helped TalPoint’s client meet the requirements of the federal government, improved their internal security posture, and paved the way for future opportunities with the DoD and the Federal Government.

Conclusion: The collaboration with TalPoint was instrumental in not only meeting the immediate needs of the Federal Government contract but also elevated the start-up’s operational standards. This case underscores the critical role of expert guidance in navigating complex governmental processes and enhancing operational efficiencies for emerging tech innovators. It also highlights the ways in which security and compliance posture can be an accelerator for business growth. In this case, opening up federal opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Our large and diverse network of experts is here to help...

Charles M.


Charlies is a 14 year cyber security expert. He started his career in the U.S. armed forces and then transitioned into commercial roles. A security engineer by training, he's well-versed in tool deployment and administration.

Ellen K.

GRC Expert

Ellen bring a decade of GRC expertise to the TalPoint community. She's knowledgeable on a variety of frameworks and employs a methodical approach to compliance. She's available for needs assessments, gap assessments, internal audits, and for certain frameworks running independent 3rd party audits.

Zachary C.

Founder and CRO

Zachary bring a 20+ year career in risk management to the TalPoint community. He's worked across healthcare, finance, and supply chain manufacturing. His broad experience offers both a holistic view of risk as well as a common sense approach to risk management.