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Published: February 10, 2023

Security 3-2-1 for the Week 2/10/23

By Annie articles

3 Interesting Articles

TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate confirm data breach affecting 20M customers

Bleeping Computer: PeopleConnect, the owners of background check services Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder, has been involved in a data breach involving over 20 million users. A member of a dark web forum leaked the backup database on customers who used the services on both websites between 2011 and 2019. An internal investigation has been launched but no evidence of malicious activity has been found on their networks. The leaked databases encompasses the information for more than 11.9 million Instant Checkmate accounts and 8.1 million TruthFinder accounts.   

The People Onscreen Are Fake. The Disinformation Is Real.

NYTimes ($):  There are growing dangers posed by deepfake videos created using artificial intelligence (AI). Deepfake technology has increased in the past decade and is now being used in state-aligned information campaigns in China and opens up a new layer in information warfare. A similar video using AI technology was uncovered online, which promoted made up people posing as Americans who were supporting Burkina Faso, a West African country facing scrutiny for links to Russia. Disturbingly, AI software can be easily purchased online and videos can be created in a matter of minutes. Identifying disinformation will become even more difficult for citizens and increased attention will be needed given the serious consequences of AI technology. 

The NYT and Canadian experts say Twitter is not doing enough to curb child exploitation

The Verge: As we reported back in early December, Twitter significantly reduced the size of the team dedicated to fighting child sexual exploitation on the social media platform.  Twitter’s failed to address the complex issues of CSAM continuing on the website, despite efforts from the company ro remove the extremely disturbing content, though they claim they are “proactively and severely limiting the reach” of CSAM content and that the platform will work to “remove the content and suspend the bad actor(s) involved.” 

2 Stats You Should Know

2022 was the biggest year ever for crypto hacking, with amounts totaling $3.8 billion stolen of crypto assets (source

Organizations spend $5.47 million on compliance compared to an average of $14.82 million for non-compliance (source)

1 More Thing

Great list from @jasonbchan on how to stay current with cybersecurity news

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